Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Dive into the world of Wing Tsun Kung Fu, renowned for its practical self-defense strategies and intricate techniques. Originating from Chinese martial arts, Wing Tsun focuses on efficiency and economy of motion, empowering individuals to triumph over larger adversaries effortlessly. With precise strikes and defensive prowess, Wing Tsun remains a formidable system for self-defense and personal empowerment in today's world.

Michael O'Leary Wing Tsun Kung Fu at Golden Tiger Academy


Michael O'Leary is a seasoned martial artist excelling in Wing Tsun Kung Fu and Filipino weapons. With over two decades of training under esteemed masters, he's become a dedicated instructor and seminar leader. Founding Wing Tsun - Ireland, Michael has guided many students to instructor level, sharing his expertise at Golden Tiger Academy in Dunboyne and Blanchardstown.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu Class

You'll delve into the rich history and practical applications of this ancient martial art. Starting with Siu Nim Tau forms, you'll master biomechanically efficient movements and self-defense techniques. Our classes foster a supportive community where principles take precedence over techniques. Experience the blend of skill, discipline, and tradition.

The Benefits


Acquire practical skills to defend yourself confidently in various situations, boosting your sense of safety and security.

Improved Fitness

Elevate your cardiovascular health, strength, and overall fitness levels through dynamic Wing Tsun workouts and techniques.

Mental Wellness

Experience improved focus, discipline, and stress management as you navigate the mental challenges and rewards of Wing Tsun training.

Supportive Community

Join a fun and welcoming community where you'll make friends, share laughs, and support each other on your Wing Tsun journey.

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